17 galleries make a travel in Lyon

New artist : Jade Fenu

Jade Fenu-Oil-Acrylique sur mylar-42x39cm-2020

Blanchet's exhibition

Exhibition since November the 13


3 small works of Marc Petit available at the gallery

Opening Komili

Stone carry in Bugey

A sunday at the gallery//September 13

The gallery will be open from 2 PM to 6 PM

An event of the Committee of the Art Galleries in France

Lionel Benancie paintings exhibition

Lionel Benancie

I have a crush for Lionel Benancie work

From august 26 to september 26

Lyon Art Paper Octobre 2020

Grégor belibi Minye exhibition on the floor of he gallery and in Palais de Bondy


Solo show from september 29 to november 8

Varnish October First for Red Carpet Night

Jean-Luc Blanchet

New work of Jean-Luc Blanchet


The gallery will be to the Grand Palais from 9 to 13 september with Thomas de Vuillefroy, Rémy Hysbergue and Marc-Antoine Decavèle

Sponsoring Région AURA

La Région AURA helps galleries to participate to international fairs. Thank you

ART PARIS 2020 Selection Live

Works on ART PARIS Live Website

Openig gallery

The gallery will reopen Tuesday 12 may with the necessary sanitary measures

Visual Culture Pub

Interview of Thomas de Vuillefroy

An interview from france Info about Thomas de Vuillefroy (drawings)


Opening Nurhidayat solo show March 6

New works of Nurhidayat : Wrong notes and devouring images

Award for Thomas de Vuillefroy

Thomas de Vuillefroy will be exhibited with gallery for ARTPARIS 2020

Grégor Belibi Minya in Chambéry

Our young artist shows their last canvas

Opening Francky Criquet exhibition saturday january 25th

Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm

Happy new year 2020

The artists of the gallery , Pascal and me wish you a good new year 2020

ART PARIS 2020 Selection

I'm proud to be selected for the third time for represent my artists in Paris

Diner to Cuisine et dépendances

Diner friday the 13 december to 8

Thomas de Vuillefroy:New collaboration

Thomas de Vuillefroy, drawing witn chinese ink

New collaboration with Gregor Belibi Minya

A young artist with abstact canvas

Komili at SOL guest star

Komili is the guest star of SOL 2019

de Cayron at BASA Lyon

Olivier de Cayron and Christian Maillé realised an interactive work at BASA until 17 november

ST'ART Strasbourg November

La Galerie Valérie Eymeric will participate to ST'ART Stasbourg from 13 to 17 november with Nurhidayat, Komili and Jutard

Gallery is closed

Open november 19!

New works of Olivier de Cayron

Photography selected for poster

Sale of Rémy Hysbergue

The French National Found of Contemporary Art  has just buy a Rémy Hysbergue work.