Born in 1958, he works in Cachan. Following psychology studies and several years of painting, he turned toward photography. He has developed a style in which he uses the discontinuous aspect of his subjects (strips of material, micro-perforated screens) sometimes showing and sometimes hiding the subject. He brings the linearity of vision to an end, interfering with what we see. In addition to the plastic properties which are a way of piecing the subject and dispersing it, he brings a sort of veil into play, allowing only parts of the picture to be discerned; by its subdivision, it randomly creates what we see, surprising the eye with unexpected patterns. The result falls somewhere between the image and the spectator's eye, a sort of scan, which thwarts any attempt at realistic identification. The veil intrigues,obliges the spectator to wonder about exactly what he or she is looking at, what can be made out in the deepest shadows. Third solo show at La Galerie in 2019.