La Galerie Valérie Eymeric

La Galerie Valérie Eymeric presents and supports living contemporary artists: painters, designers, sculptors and photographers, French and international, recognised or yet to be discovered.
The collector or art lover will take pleasure in exploring appealing works, of excellent quality.
Accessible in price (for contemporary art is not restricted to the mass media) and in understanding (since contemporary art is not restricted to biennial art festivals!)

La Galerie is present in Art Contemporary Fairs.
Located in Lyon's Presqu'île, between the Rhône and the Saône, The Gallery nestles in the heart of an area devoted to culture, in a calm and pleasant street.
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 2.30 PM to 7.30 PM 


Portrait Valerie Eymeric

While very young, her sensitivity to painting, drawing and the arts in general led her towards her studies of painting, following the Méthode Martenot for six years, then in the studios of Lyons artists. Becoming a collector of contemporary art as an adult, her desire to help artists by presenting their work in a dedicated setting gradually developed. The opening of The Gallery in 2014 is the culmination of her 40-year love affair with Art, and the start of a new adventure…


Tuesday 14h30  19h30

Wednesday 14h30 19h30

Thursday 14h30  19h30

Friday  10h00 19h00

Saturday  10h00 19h00

04 78 37 95 61

And every day by appointment at 06 95 72 48 74
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